The Calvary vision is simple

Making Jesus non-ignorable in DEER TRAIL and to the ends of the earth.

Calvary Church-Englewood is excited to announce that Grace Baptist Church (now known as Calvary Church Deer Trail) has agreed to enter the replant process with us and become a new church! Calvary has been so humbled by the people of Calvary Deer Trail who love their community enough to start this replant with us!

Replanting… what does this mean? Replant? Think of it like this…

You were given a plant that was beautiful! Everyone that came to your house complimented you on its size, health, vibrance, and the fragrance was breath-taking. Now one day you noticed the plant was changing. It’s leaves were turning pale yellow and the plant looked slightly withered. You didn’t forget to water it. Maybe someone else watered it too much. Maybe it isn’t getting enough light. You love this plant and you will do whatever it takes to save it! If you don’t act now it is going to die! Quickly you get the plant into a pot where you can get back to the basics. You get good soil in the pot with some quality nutrients. You now can make sure it is getting ample sun shine and water. Deep green color starts to return to the leaves and its strength starts to return. It takes time but it is coming back!

Now replace the flower in a pot to a church in a community. This is “replanting.” There is nothing about a dying church that brings glory to God! As Christians, we need to lock arms and fight to stop the trend of the dying churches in our communities.

Calvary Church is passionate about doing just this thing! We are committed to building off the legacy of a church like Grace Baptist Church and seeing God do an amazing work through His church in this community! In the analogy above regarding the plant, you didn’t hear it took loud music, smoke machines or a cool new building to make the plant come back to life. It was getting back to the basics of what the plant needed for health… good soil, fresh water and sun shine. It took a person that loves radically to save the plant.

We are in desperate need now of people like this! People that will love the community of Deer Trail through this new church being replanted out of Grace Baptist Church. Calvary Church Deer Trail needs your prayers and potentially your involvement. We would love to hear from you if you are being led to be a part of this church’s new core team. We would love to visit in more detail about how good soil, water and sunlight translates to bringing a church back to life. If you would like to visit, just connect with us through email to set up a time to talk.

During the transition time as we are worshipping Sundays at 11:00am, gathering a core team, and making the necessary preparations to launch this new church, Calvary Church Deer Trail will be functioning as a campus of Calvary Church – Englewood. You can learn more about our church and keep up to date at our website.

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